What is a Cakery? And why do they have trees?

6 Sep

To start out I think I  should share a bit of the why and how.

What is a Cakery? – Simple, it is a Baker that wants a Bakery but only plans to make Cake.

Tree Branch? – When I love something I tend to love it to the extreme.

  1. I adore Cupcakes. They are precious, fun, sweet and so very cute. My kitchen is decorated with them, my desk at work has a whole shelf and my Birthday is of course Cupcake themes. Lately my  love of cupcakes has branched out to cake decorating.
  2. Makeup is a crazy obsession of mine. However for this outlet, it will not do very well. So I promise to keep the makeup skills away from the cakes….well that is until I need to do some major flower decorations.
  3. I am not a big nature girl but a tree is one of the most beautiful things the world has to offer. They can be large or small, tender or strong, pretty and flowered or old, worn and bent. But in the end, in the right light they can been seen as beautiful.

So how does this all come together? My logo. It just came to me while looking at a tree painting I have and for me it just fit. I hope to have it soon. My best friend has so sweetly offered to design it for me.

Now that we have a bit of the What covered, let me share some of the Why. I’ll keep it short and sweet. I needed a distraction and thankfully it was offered to me right around the same time. Last year for my Birthday I was given a gift card for cake decorating classes. I loved everything about them and now I am using my newly learned skills to bake happiness for friends and family.

Putting all of this together, I plan to cook up recipies, blogs and books found online, from friends or suggestions anywhere else they may show up. Thank you for taking a bit of time to check out my new blog amongst the masses. I hope you’ll hang around as things get going.